Welcome to Shamrock's Monthly Newsletter: Go the Extra Mile!
Did you know that 75% of cell phone users admit to bringing their phone with them to the bathroom? 90% of them sleep with their phone on their bed or under their pillow.
The average Joe or Jane is literally snuggled up with their phone at night but since email, text and social media are less intimate than an actual conversation, they are the default preference of most people.
But we MUST make calls, so we need to know this key fact: Most people do not want to talk on the phone. So, how do you diminish this discomfort? Here's a sneak peek answer from our upcoming podcast series:
  1. Don’t answer statements.
  2. Use their name.
  3. Never ask “Is this a good time?”
  4. Listen with your ears, not your mouth.
Yep, they are simple rules to follow. Try one today!
Happy St. Patrick's Day,